Essex Block Paving Contractor

For this project, we needed to remove an old worn and tired driveway and replace it with a new block paving driveway.

It was quite a big area to transform, but with our expert pavers, we completed it in the time frame given.

We used our own machinery to remove all the old blocks and debris once this was all dug up.

We needed to prepare a base using type 1 MOT and sand. These were purchased locally. They were laid over the whole area and levelled off. A membrane sheet was then laid on top of this. This would prevent any weeds from growing through.

We then laid charcoal coloured blocks around the edge of the driveway, creating a lovely border. We then placed red coloured bricks along with a few grey coloured blocks in the middle, leaving us with a brand-new driveway.

When we finish a paving project, we always clear up before we leave. The area will be swept up and any materials that were not used are taken away by ourselves.

If you would like us to transform the front of your property, then please contact Executive Paving today.