Shingle / Gravel


Shingle / Gravel

Gravel and shingle are a popular choice when it comes to driveways and landscaping. Many people in the UK ask for this to be used because it is affordable, looks good and is very low maintenance. The choice of colour, texture and size is immense making it more desirable for resurfacing driveways.

You could keep your driveway easily maintained by sweeping any shingle or gravel that may have escaped back to where it should be and remove or treat any unwanted weeds with weed killer that may appear. Gravel and shingle can be used with any landscaping project. Again it is ideal for laying on pathways and patios and because they both come in many colours, mixing them will look very effective. If you live in London, Essex or Kent and you would like this service then Executive Paving is the company to contact.

You can see the jobs we have completed using shingle and gravel in our portfolio.

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